While I’m laid up, I’m enjoying delivery service

Not that many weeks ago at work, I tumbled off a ladder plus broke our leg.

At first, I thought our ankle was just sprained.

But I could barely transport our foot plus our evening light. I decided to go to the ER plus the attendant took a few X-rays of our foot, ankle, plus leg. When the doctor came into our room, she gave me the awful news. My leg was broken by the ankle plus I needed to be in a cast for at least 6 weeks. The doc wrapped our leg, foot, plus ankle in wet bandages plus gave me a set of crutches to help get around. While I am at loft recovering, I am enjoying delivery repairs from most people. I’ve tried a ton of strange local restaurants. I’ve had pizza, burgers, Chinese, Mexican food, plus even Indian food delivered. I even found a place that will supply all of our groceries for a small fee. I also have all of our marijuana supplies delivered. I called a couple of different places before I found 1 that would supply to our address, but luckily, the marijuana dispensary has great sales every single weekend. Last weekend, I ordered a couple of items to be delivered from the marijuana dispensary. The dispensary has free delivery for all orders over 100 bucks. I got some edible chocolate chip cookies infused with THC plus CBD. I also bought another two cans of lemonade with THC. I bought some concentrate for our dab rig plus a pre rolled joint to smoke on the couch. I’m entirely enjoying having everything brought right to our front doorstep. I believe I will enjoy being a king in our castle.

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