He put the wrong address into his GPS

My wife and I ordered a few marijuana products from the recreational marijuana dispensary.

We had some friends coming over for game night, and we thought marijuana edibles would be a good way to liven things up. Fridays and Saturdays are usually slower for deliveries, and we expected it to take at least two hours before we could get our marijuana products. We put in the order for delivery because we didn’t like the traffic that went into and came out of the city. Cannabis concentrate was on sale that night, so we ordered six grams. My wife needed a new cartridge for her cannabis vape pen to aid with her anxiety. I bought a couple packs of CBD gummies so that I could sleep at night. About an hour after placing our order, we received a phone call from the recreational marijuana dispensary. They were out of some items we had ordered. We had to choose some new items. The budtender told us the delivery driver would be leaving in about ten minutes so we thought he would be arriving within the hour. About an hour later, we received a phone call from the driver. He said he was on Cherry Sands Road, but he couldn’t find our address. We were on West Cherry Sands Road, which was on the opposite side of town. It was an easy mistake to make, but we had to wait another hour for our marijuana products. I checked to make sure I had actually put the West in our address, so this didn’t happen again.


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