I gained a stalker, and a job.

Several months ago, I started a new job. I have been working in a local marijuana dispensary and I am truly enjoying the work. I work in the front of the store. I check ID’s of people who are coming into the store and I am trying to obtain my cannabis education certificate. Once I have my certification, I will be able to be a budtender. I really don’t mind my job working at the counter, and being the first person to have contact with our customers. Most of the people are happy to be able to walk through the door. The cannabis dispensary has a lounge in the building, which has been closed lately due to the pandemic. We are still open, but we had to limit capacity and everyone needs to wear a mask, unless they are using marijuana products that must be inhaled. The lounge has video games, places for sitting and a snack bar. The first time we reopened the lounge, one girl spent nearly the entire day in our lounge. She bought a quarter ounce of marijuana, and we really had no reason to ask her to leave. She was quiet and friendly. Throughout the week, she returned three more times. When I came out of the marijuana dispensary, I noticed the same girl sitting in her car. She was parked right next to me. She pulled out when I pulled out and she followed me all the way to my home. She smiled and went on when I parked. I’m beginning to wonder if she isn’t going to be a problem for me.
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