I got the wrong marijuana in my order

My friends and I order from the marijuana dispensary every weekend. I get paid on Thursday afternoon, but I usually wait until Friday to place the order. The marijuana dispensary that my friends and I like to visit always has a sale on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They have specials and sales on all of the items inside the marijuana dispensary. You can even qualify for the sale prices if you order online. Last Friday, my friends and I ordered a few different marijuana supplies from the dispensary. The shop was busy and the lady on the phone told me that it was going to take 2 hours for the delivery driver. My friends and I did not mind waiting. On a Friday night, the dispensary is typically busy. We started watching a movie and we sat down to drink a couple of beers. About 90 minutes later, the delivery driver from the marijuana dispensary knocked on the front door. My friends and I were surprised to see the driver earlier than we anticipated. Unfortunately, our order was not correct. I ordered three different bags of marijuana flower. I got three bags, but they were not the right strain. I was supposed to receive 3 indica strains in my order, but I ended up with two hybrids and a sativa. I wasn’t very happy with the mistake. I called the dispensary and talked to the manager about my order. The lady agreed to replace the marijuana flower and she sent the driver back to the house. She didn’t even charge me for the second delivery trip.


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