It was my first 420 sale.

For years I had lived in a state that had only legalized medical marijuana.

  • I was used to needing to have a medical marijuana card if I wanted to purchase anything from the marijuana dispensary.

This year, we had moved, and we were now living in a state that had legal recreational marijuana. I had heard about the 420 celebration, but I had never experienced it. I had made some friends who were telling me all about the wonderful sales they had at the marijuana dispensaries. The morning of the 420 celebration, she and I were ready to go shopping. She told me to take it slow and easy because she wanted to go to every marijuana dispensary in the area. I couldn’t believe it; every marijuana dispensary was offering samples and/or goodie bags. We had to wait in line for almost an hour before we could even get into one marijuana dispensary. Once we got inside, it was well worth the wait. Wendi walked through the front door and was shocked to see the most amazing deals. I had to reign myself in so I didn’t spend all my money in one place. I bought just enough resin concentrate, so I could get my goodie bag. Wendi and I continued on like this all day. We had sample gummies, stickers, promotional items, edibles and weed supplies. We even had a bag of weed in one of our bags. Wendi got a pretty pink and white glass bowl in her bag. We had an amazing time going from marijuana dispensary to marijuana dispensary.

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