My medical marijuana card was no longer necessary.

Right before the pandemic, I was working with a nurse who was helping me to get a medical marijuana card. The first time I went to the medical marijuana dispensary, I couldn’t believe all the marijuana products I now had access to. I looked at the prices that appeared to be reasonable, but I only had a couple of marijuana dispensaries to choose from. I did my best to wait for those days when they had sales so I could possibly find some marijuana products at cheaper prices, but they were quite infrequent. A year later, I am now living in another area. I couldn’t believe they had legal medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. I can walk into a marijuana dispensary here, and get anything I want or need, without needing to show I have a marijuana card. I felt like I had just gained a lot of freedom. I never thought I would live in a state where marijuana is 100% legal. The cool part of this is that the prices are almost 60% less than I was paying before I moved here. I had to laugh when the medical marijuana board called to set up an appointment with me to get a new medical marijuana card. I told them I was now living in a state where medical and recreational marijuana are legal. So many things in my life have changed since the pandemic began. I live in a state with legal marijuana, my wife is working from our home, and I no longer need a medical marijuana card. My life will never be the same.


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