The creepy guy in the lounge was stalking me

I started a new job a couple of months ago.

  • I actually love the job and awful lot.

I work in a marijuana dispensary. I work at the front counter taking IDs and checking people into the store. I am working on my cannabis education certificate. Then I will have the opportunity to work as a budtender. I don’t mind working at the counter and everyone is always happy when they walk through the door. The cannabis dispensary has a lounge inside the building. Until last weekend, the lounge was closed because of the coronavirus. We are now open with limited capacity and everyone still must wear a mask when they are not actively using marijuana products that need to be inhaled. The lounge has board games, furniture, televisions, and a snack bar. The first day we were open for business, the same guy I spent almost all day inside the lounge. He purchased a half ounce of marijuana from the store, so we didn’t have any reason to ask the guy to leave. He was friendly and quiet most of the day. He came back 3 additional times throughout the week and stayed all day in the lounge. On Friday, the creepy guy was sitting in his car when I came out of the building after my shift. He was parked next to my car and he pulled out of the space at the same time as me. He followed me all the way back to my apartment and drove past my building. Now I’m fearful the guy might be a problem.


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