The driver had the wrong address in the GPS

That’s when we found out that the driver had the wrong address in the GPS

My girlfriend and I ordered several different items from a recreational marijuana dispensary in the valley. It was a Friday night and we knew it was going to take a while for the delivery to arrive. Normal times on Friday night are about 2 hours. Still, it’s a lot better than sitting in traffic wasting gas. After my girlfriend got home from work, the two of us sat down in front of the computer to look at the online menu. Cannabis concentrate was on sale for 20% off, so we ordered 6 grams. My girlfriend bought a cartridge for her cannabis vape pen and I bought some CBD gummies to help with night time sleeping. About an hour after we placed our order, the dispensary budtender called to talk about our order. They were out of 2 items and we had to make a replacement. Before we hung up the phone, the Budtender told me that the driver was going to leave the store in a couple of minutes. My apartment is about eight or nine miles away from the cannabis dispensary, so I thought we would see the driver shortly. After another hour of waiting, my girlfriend and I finally got a phone call from the driver. He was lost and she could not locate our address. That’s when we found out that the driver had the wrong address in the GPS. He was supposed to be at date palm drive, and he was actually on palm date drive. It was a small mix-up, but the driver was still several miles away from my address when he called.


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