I love having my sativa products delivered

For a while my doctor had me taking stimulants as a means to combat my rampant attention deficit disorder.

Even if these drugs kept me focused, the downside was dealing with the many side effects.

The worst thing for me was the anxiety I got from my medicine towards the end of the day. And as that last dose wears off, your brain gets considerably foggy as well. I dealt with these downsides for six years until I finally couldn’t take it anymore. In my frustration, I vowed to find some alternative means of dealing with my ADD that didn’t involve taking pharmaceutical stimulants. At some point during this process a friend of mine told me he had a basket of Sour Diesel in his apartment. I had entirely no idea what he was even talking about with his question. I decided to take a hit off his bong and was right away sent into a heady and euphoric state. It was an amazing experience, and I could feel the positive effects it had on my state of mind. The strain focused my thought process and gave me a strong sense of creativity. I bought some of the Sour Diesel from my friend and started my journey as a marijuana user that very week. These cannabis sativa strains are a much better medication for my ADD than the psychostimulants that I was being prescribed by my physician. I use the sativas throughout the daytime hours to keep my brain focused. I also get the added benefit of a reduction in my depression and anxiety symptoms that have always plagued me on a daily basis, but in general, I’ve had amazing results with cannabis sativa strains. Now that I can get them delivered to my front door at no extra cost, I’m in heaven right now.


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