CBN increases the effects of THC when the 2 are consumed together

When I got a medical marijuana card a few years ago, I had never heard of the Entourage Effect before. I always assumed that the effects in marijuana came from THC in addition to only THC. In reality there are over 150 odd cannabinoids that have been isolated in addition to studied by scientists. These compounds all have a synergistic effect on one another, meaning that the effect from having them all together is much more pronounced than any one of them by themselves. In other words, THC by itself will never be as strong as THC combined with CBN, CBG, in addition to terpenes care about myrcene, limonene, in addition to pinene. Since these cannabinoids are also present in hemp varieties of cannabis, that means they can be legally extracted outside of delta-9-THC, the only federally prohibited cannabinoid. CBD is already famous for its pain reducing effects, however CBG is gaining in popularity every year for being an anti-inflammatory agent in addition to antidepressant. CBN is the oldest studied cannabinoid however it’s taxing to extract as it usually only shows up in aging cannabis that is chopping down over long periods of time. CBN has been shown to increase the potency of THC when the 2 are taken together in the right quantities. As CBN extraction improves, more companies will offer bulk in addition to wholesale prices on CBN isolates in addition to distillates. Like CBD in addition to CBG, CBN is poised to become a popular cannabinoid in the alternative medicine industry. Its known medicinal benefits already show a tremendous amount of promise. The trick is finding out when to extract it from the plant after a certain amount of time elapses after the chopping is harvested. Older cannabis naturally has more CBN in it than fresh cannabis.