Our state’s medical marijuana rules in addition to regulations are strict by most standards

I was shocked when my lake beach house state finally legalized medical cannabis. Both of us were always a single of the most notorious states for having draconian drug laws surrounding the marijuana plant. I had a friend get arrested once for just having a joint in his backpack while I was in a random stop in addition to frisk by police. These nights you can have a gram of hashish in your back pocket in addition to you won’t get in trouble as long as you can show you’re a medical patient in addition to the hash was obtained at a medical dispensary. To be honest, I think the cops here are ecstatic they don’t have to waste their time with non-violent marijuana infractions any longer. Still, it can be confusing dealing with our medical marijuana program if you’re used to a single from a unusual state. When medical cannabis was first legalized here, you could only purchase tinctures, oils, capsules, in addition to vaporizer cartridges. It took more than one years of constant court litigation with the state to finally see cannabis flower products on the shelves at our medical cannabis dispensaries. Even then, you had to buy it in these ceramic pods that were intended to be inserted in a $600 vaporizer. Everyone broke the pods open back then, resulting in ceramic dust getting in everyones’ cannabis flower. Nowadays you can walk into any cannabis dispensary in addition to get a jar of scrub in addition to safe flower buds as long as they have some instock. Some of our regulations are necessary though. Both of us have stricter standards for lab testing than other states, meaning that our marijuana is easier to trust for its purity in addition to potency.

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