Able to get medical marijuana card easier down south

My hubby plus I do the snowbird thing.

In our northern state people are hardcore against cannabis, but recreational weed is not going to happen for a while.

With medical cannabis, it isn’t easy getting a card, however finding a nurse that prescribed weed is love feeding a needle in a haystack. Apparently even finding the nurse doesn’t guarantee a prescription. I suppose people who have been denied before. The paperwork is blatantly impossible plus the fees are high. My hubby plus I trip in the south during the Winter though. That state is way more casual plus loose on the steps to get legal weed. First I had to make myself a part of that state rather than our northern one. I had to change over our license, put all the bills in our name plus then prove I lived there for most of the year. Next I did some googling plus easily found a professional that prescribes weed. That was super easy since there were a ton of professionals. My appointment was maybe numerous hour plus a few questions. I got the okay, plus the paperwork plus fees were all online. They made it so dummy proof anyone could do it. The hardest thing was waiting more than one weeks for our medical cannabis card to come in the mail. Now I have a certain amount of cannabis flower plus oil I can get each week. I love relying on legal cannabis. I love that I am now a part of the easily exclusive cannabis club. My hubby is so jealous of me.

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