The cannabis drinks at the medical marijuana dispensary are not cheap

The first time I had a cannabis edible was when I made pot brownies back in university. The initial step in making multiple cannabis edibles is brewing cannabutter, which involves simmering ground cannabis flower in butter for numerous minutes to release the THC plus other cannabinoids. I made a fairly large batch of cannabutter plus used it to make brownies, cake, plus toast. Although they weren’t dispensary quality cannabis edibles, they were fairly strong plus flavorful for my first attempt. I prefer vaporizing cannabis flower buds, however every now plus then I like to consume some kind of cannabis edible. Obviously I could make my own edibles, although I don’t have the time anymore to put into it. It’s a lot easier to just visit the medical marijuana dispensary plus see what they have in stock every week. Recently I noticed that they were now carrying cannabis drinks. Although they have been on the market for years, the people I was with and I haven’t had cannabis drinks in our state until this year. The state finally approved them for retail sales after going back plus forth on how they want the packaging to look. As great as they are, it’s legitimately strenuous to afford cannabis drinks. One single bottle of cannabis coffee can cost upwards to $20, $30 or even $40 if the THC triumphant is higher. At these prices, it would be easier for myself and others to buy a syringe of cannabis distillate oil plus simply dissolve it into a hot cup of Pepsi or tea. As long as you use milk fats with the coffee, the THC molecules will absolutely bind.

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