After years of no luck, our state finally passed a recreational cannabis law

I live in a conservative state that is behind the rest of the country in some respects.

Our GDP is pathetic, we have out-of-control obesity rates, and the state government guts the education fund every single time they submit a new budget.

It feels like we’re at a race to the bottom with every other struggling state in the nation. I would move to a different place in the country, but I have to stay here for work. I have made sure to temper my expectations with the laws and government here. For this reason, I didn’t expect any kind of legal cannabis legislation for another 10 years or more. It seemed like every other state would have marijuana before we did. To my utter surprise, we passed a constitutional amendment in 2016 legalizing marijuana for medical use and suddenly I had a card and a legal right to shop at any cannabis dispensaries in the state. Even though we had a small number of cannabis companies at one time, now there are nearly 20 different companies with over a hundred locations in all. Now I’m overjoyed to learn that the recent voter initiative for recreational cannabis just passed with barely enough percentage of the vote. I didn’t think that my state would have legal recreational cannabis for another four or five years at least, but now we have the process in motion. Although it will be a year before the new law takes effect, I’m already excited. I won’t have to pay the state $75 every year just to get a new medical marijuana card. I will also save $300 in fees to the marijuana doctor as well.
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