Convincing our Dad to try weed in order to sleep

My mother plus I both have trouble sleeping at night.

My Dad is someone that is just okay suffering through, but she would frequently get up plus work on her laptop or watch a motion picture.

She would get maybe 4 hours of sleep at night plus just be superb with it. When I started to struggle sleeping, I began researching. I tried heating plus cooling in our bedroom to have the perfect temperature in order to sleep. I picked out a gel pillow plus bamboo sheet. I meditated, worked out plus ate what was recommended. Nothing seemed to work. I then found that medical cannabis can absolutely help a lady sleep. My mother was against it plus I pushed ahead. I found the nurse, filled out the papers plus paid the money to get our card. I now can have legal weed whenever I want. I have a prescription for both oil plus flower. I have chosen to vape our cannabis products over anything else. I smoke a little before bed plus I sleep appreciate a rock! After having so much success, our mother now wants to try it. I have let her smoke on our vape a few times plus she is content by the results. I absolutely don’t want to share a prescription with another lady. My mother needs to put in the work plus get her own stuff. I guess she feels weird getting a marijuana prescription plus going to the dispensary near myself and others when she is in her 50s, however older people are now turning to cannabis. I told her she won’t be a scarce case for the budtender.


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