Can I turn to a grow op?

Fine, so it seems like we have lived within a bunch of traumatic events over the past 5 or 6 years.

And it sort of stopped it all off with the virus that is still sticking around.

Yet, there are other great things that have happened over the years as well. I’m choosing to focus on the positive otherwise, I’ll just have to go live in another country.. One of the positives is the marijuana growing burst that all of us are seeing in this country. And this marijuana growing burst is of the legal cannabis cultivation kind. The fact that there are 36 states that recognize medical marijuana and 16 that legalized recreational weed, is cause for a wild party. At least it is for me. I happen to live in an area where recreational cannabis is legal and I’m very thankful. For me, I have had a small grow box for my wants. And this grow box has been with myself and my brothers for a lot of years. I have continually messed with grow room ventilation to fit my grow box design. And it’s worked out entirely well. While pot growing is not a means for me to sell what I grow, I do provide it to others. To a man, all those who have sampled my pot farming guess I should try to start a commercial grow room. That would be a large change. However, several of those cheering for myself and my brothers have been willing to join my operation. It’s a nice thought to maybe have a job with my passion instead of my current job. But going from grow box to commercial grow op is fraught with negatives for the single grower. I’m just not sure it would be viable to try.

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