I found out that the different discounts were not stackable

A few friends as well as myself ordered cannabis supplies from a new dispensary.

The crew of us wanted to order cannabis supplies from the shop, because of the amazing sale prices.

All of the store’s current patients earned 20% off the entire order, however on that unique weekend, all of the waxes as well as concentrates were 10% off, so our friends as well as I thought every one of us would save a whopping 30% on all of our cannabis supplies. Both of us added all of the items to the cart, but Kimmy got 8 grams of concentrate as well as a half ounce of bud. I also grabbed 8 grams of concentrate as well as a couple of edible cannabis products. Bart branched out from his normal comfort zone of disposable vape pens as well as bought new batteries as well as a distillate cartridge. I expected our total to be around $268 after all of the discounts combined. When the budtender called myself and others to confirm the order, I was shocked when he told myself and others the amount for the order was $350. I asked him if I earned all of the discounts as well as he told myself and others that they were not stackable. I would get the 20% for the first time patient special or I could get the 10% off for the wax special. I was a little pissed as well as aggravated, because the online website did not indicate that every one of us could not stack up the specials. It was the whole reason why every one of us decided to order our cannabis supplies from that site. I absolutely wanted to cancel our order on principle, although I knew every one of us were still getting a good deal with 20% off our entire order.

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