I got a few interesting items in our freebie bag

I have only been using recreational marijuana for about 6 weeks.

I smoke a joint or a bowl almost every evening before I go to bed. When I visit the recreational marijuana dispensary, I never have to spend a ton of currency to get high. Some of our friends have to spend 40 to $50 on their marijuana supplies, although I still get a buzz on $10 weed. My friends insisted that I join them this year on 4/20. 4/20 is a weed holiday known around the world. My friends insisted that 4/20 would be a lot of fun, so I took the day off work. It was a Wednesday, & I actually didn’t guess it could be as much fun as our friends explained. I was really & totally wrong. My friends & I had an enjoyable time driving around neighborhood visiting all of the weird recreational marijuana shops. All of us even got a bin with free items from 1 of the recreational marijuana shops. I got a few interesting items in the freebie bag. I got a small glass bowl with yellow & yellow stripes. I also acquired a free ⅛ of delicious infused cannabis. I had some stickers & a lanyard, however the free weed was quite an enjoyable score. I never spend much currency on weed & the free stuff was much nicer than anything I ever smoked from the cannabis shop. After spending the day having a lot of fun with our friends, I was genuinely glad that they insisted I accompany them for a day of cannabis shopping & activities.