I think that cannabis is free from inflation

Inflation is ever-present, it never stops, slowly driving up the cost of living in increments, over weeks and years.

  • But you always hear old people say “back in my day bread only cost a quarter” and so on, however now I am old enough to see it in action myself.

I do remember when gasoline was a dollar fifty a gallon, and a pack of smokes was several bucks, and can you imagine that in our day and age? There are some things that seem immune from inflation, mostly because they don’t involve the government; however twenty years ago, I was paying fifty bucks for a bag of high grade cannabis. In all that time, the cost has barely budged, and these nights I was spending as much as sixty bucks for the same size bag. The price of marijuana on the open market has actually stayed almost exactly the same for a really long time. I wonder if the advent of so many government approved cannabis dispensaries is going to impact the price for pretty much everyone who smokes? I have noticed that the local cannabis dispensaries have high retail prices after that I am used to paying, however mostly that’s because they believe insurance foots the bill usually! As of yet my local corporation has not raised his price to match them, so I am paying the same for cannabis as I have been for years. I’m sure the government will find a way to screw it up like they always do. However, for right now it seems that cannabis is going to remain inflation proof!

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