Legal cannabis stores are taking my customers from me

Business is all about supply and demand, then the best possible example is bottled water; it’s everywhere you buy things, usually, but occasionally demand exceeds the supply, and that’s when you can make a killing! My sister Amos would take a cooler filled with bottled water to the parking lot for pigskin games… She’d charge more than four bucks a bottle, but every single game she would sell out, and pocket a large profit! Of course, it only worked during that certain situation, because that has when the demand was highest.

The same is the case for cannabis, and once the local dispensary opened up, it has been harder to sell my homegrown product.

I have been a local marijuana vendor for a few years now, and it has provided an entirely nice supplemental income to my morning task. I adore to call myself a local marijuana vendor, because I suppose it sounds a lot classier than “pot dealer” although that is what my family calls me. Oddly enough, although I have lost a few customers, my remaining customers are willing to pay more for their cannabis than they did in the past… Because the cannabis dispensary charges so much more than I do, people just suppose that is the going rate, so I have raised my prices to match theirs… But so there is less demand for my supply, but on the other hand the retail price of cannabis just went up and no one complained, so that has helped offset things a bit. Still, I need to pick up some new customers, or I’ll need to apply for a task at the cannabis dispensary.

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