Medical Marijuana helps more than pain

I guess I believed that marijuana was only used to ease pain or to get you high.

  • I never considered marijuana plus how it could help people manage unusual diseases plus mental illnesses.

After I finished high school, I needed a job to help spend money for expenses incurred from college. I wasn’t sure whether it would be straight-forward to walk into a job in a medical marijuana dispensary. I applied thinking they would never hire me, but they hired me quickly. I had to take courses on how to distinguish all the kinds of marijuana. I had to learn the comparisons between CBD plus THC, plus how to use them. I also had to learn the unusual strains and what they would do. I found out that some strains of marijuana will induce sleep, while others could make you goofy. The most amazing thing I learned was how many ailments could be helped with medical marijuana products. They dealt with the pain plus nausea that comes with cancer by using medical marijuana. Using marijuana products could lessen our sisters’ bipolar. She had been dealing with anxieties plus ADHD ever since she was seasoned enough to tell me about it. At first it came out as anger plus temper tantrums, but once she got older, the dentist told us it was ADHD plus nervousness. She had been treating her with medications that made her feel awful, plus she never wanted to do anything. With medical marijuana, she could stop taking Western medicine plus I suppose she would be much better.

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