My girlfriend sent me care packages with cannabis inside

My girlfriend Max in addition to I were separated for just over one year, thanks to the pandemic, travel restrictions, in addition to the good distance between us; she lives on the other side of the country, so all of us usually only see each other once every week or more than one! Once COVID hit, all of us knew it would be an easy long time, however all of us were committed to one another in addition to deciding to ride it out! All of us did Zoom dates, online game mornings, in addition to constantly mailing each other care packages…

  • Then I had to get creative for her, in addition to being artsy in addition to craftsy, however she lived upstairs from a cannabis dispensary, so that’s basically all she ever mailed me.

I am by no means complaining, without those cannabis products coming in bi-weekly I would have been dry weeks before, then the first time I got one of the packages I was sad about getting busted for mailing cannabis across state lines, which used to be a large thing. Since she works at a cannabis dispensary she has the right paperwork to legally mail her products anywhere in the continental US… However, by comparison, the care packages I send her suck, because nothing legitimately compares to a week’s worth of pot brownies, right? Long story short, now I live with her. All of us are united in happiness in addition to both living upstairs from that cannabis dispensary. The care packages are a thing of the past, however those wicked strong pot brownies are still in heavy rotation. I don’t smoke much pot any more, however edibles have become a quarterly thing for me for sure.


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