Only Certain doctors Prescribe Medical marijuana

I had heard that medical cannabis can help nearly everything I was worried about. I had used marijuana when I was younger, but that was almost fifty years ago. I told the dentist that I felt just fine back then. I didn’t have arthritis or eye concerns. I didn’t have asthma or anxieties. I entirely didn’t have swollen joints that were hurting plus distorted. I must have asked the dentist for a prescription for medical cannabis several times, although she constantly said no. She constantly said she couldn’t provide that. I knew you had to have a dentist sign a prescription for medical cannabis, plus she was our doctor. If anyone could get myself and others a prescription for medical cannabis, it should be my doctor. I was a bit frustrated that she refused to write the prescription to me and others. The last time I talked to him, she explained that the arthritis would not improve. She told myself and others that at the rate it was progressing, I could end up in a wheelchair within more than 2 years. I asked him if medical cannabis could help me. She said she thought it would provide some relief, although she couldn’t give myself and others the prescription. I broke down and cried. She told myself and others she wanted to but she couldn’t. She wasn’t allowed, because of hospital policies. She did, however, provide myself and others the name of a therapist who could help me. She said to provide her with her name plus tell her about our drastic rheumatoid arthritis. She told myself and others that in less than a month, I should be feeling some comfort thanks to the medical cannabis.


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