Someone snatched our vape pen out of the car

I accidentally left our favorite marijuana vape pen in the motorcar last weekend.

It was laying right in the tray in the middle console of the car.

I suppose it was clearly visible to anyone walking past, because I remember leaving it right on the dashboard. I just put a tasty new vape cartridge and replaced the battery. I had an absolutely nice terpene rich distillate oil with 97% THC. This kush blend is the single best indica in the dispensary as well as one of our top choices. I only ever buy the $45/gram marijuana vape cartridge on payday. Last evening, I left the marijuana vape pen sitting in the motorcar as well as someone broke the window to steal the pen. A few other items had been stolen in the process, but the vape pen was the most upscale item in the motorcar in our humble opinion. The guy took a couple of CD’s, which might be worth a buck or 2 at a flea market or a swap meet. The guy took the marijuana vape pen, our i-phone charge, as well as all the coins in our door. When I approached the motorcar to go to work, I saw the broken glass all over the sidewalk. I wanted to call the police, but it seemed love a ridiculous reason to have the insurance people jack up our rates. Afterall, I can buy another window at the junkyard for next to nothing. I was more pissed about the vape pen, as well as I knew they weren’t going to like that. After all, even though marijuana is legal around here, I’m still not supposed to travel with it in the car.


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