The cannabis shop delivery guy had gotten lost in another RV park

My husband Mike as well as I have been living in our big RV for the past 3 years… we both totally love being mobile. Mike and I have seen a total of 40 out of 50 states, however both of us still need to travel to the Northwestern area. Both of us have been traveling all over the West Coast, as well as every one of us want to stay here for a while, because cannabis is legal for recreational as well as medical use as well as Mike as well as I both use the plant every single day; Mike suffers from fibromyalgia, sometimes the pain is severe, but cannabis helps with the swelling as well as the aches. I have disappointing anxiety, although I also love being high. I smoke cannabis products almost every single day as well as it helps myself and others relax after a strenuous day of work; In the day, I work as a mobile RV mechanic. Some afternoons I work 8 or 10 hours out in the brutal heat, but when I get home at the end of the day, I usually kneel in the dining room with a fat joint in one hand as well as a freezing beer in the other hand, then last weekend, Mike as well as I ordered cannabis supplies from a brand new shop, however the cannabis shop was hosting a grand opening special as well as all items in the store were 25% off. Mike as well as I ordered various items for delivery. When the cannabis shop delivery guy called us up, every one of us were surprised to hear that he was lost. Mike tried to provide that guy some instruction, as well as that’s when every one of us realized that he was in the wrong RV park, he was still 3 or 4 miles away from our address, even though he quickly changed route as well as came over to our site.

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