The cart link was broken on the dispensary site

I was trying to order marijuana supplies online, but the cart link wasn’t working on the dispensary website I always use.

  • I tried to use the online website again the next morning to order marijuana supplies, but The link to the cart was still broken.

The dispensary was still closed, so I waited until I went to work to see if the concerns were resolved. I tried at supper time as well as I had the same exact concerns. I finally decided to call up the store and place our order that way. The budtender was certainly friendly as well as nice. She told myself and others that the online site was down all day long as well as they did not suppose when the concern would be fixed. She took our order for me. I bought 1/2 oz of Blue Dream flower as well as 2 grams of Blue Dream Live resin. Blue Dream is definitely one of our number one sativa strains. It absolutely makes myself and others more energized as well as productive. I also ordered a few strange types of cannabis concentrate that were all indica strains. The indica strains are great for evening time as well as they always make myself and others believe fatigued. When I picked up our order from the pot dispensary, I was surprised to see a free pre-roll in the bottom of the back. The budtender informed myself and others that the free pre-roll was a gift from the dispensary. Since the website would be down all day, the dispensary provided every man a free pre-rolled marijuana cigarette with each purchase. I thought it was a nice way to say I am sorry. The place hardly ever gives out anything for free, so it was a neat surprise.

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