The pot cafe will be open for brunch starting in July

I have been working for the same small cafe over the past five months.

  • The place opened in early February, just after the first of the year.

The cafe is absolutely unique as well as special as well as certainly curious compared to the other cafes in the area. This unique cafe sells items that have been infused with cannabis or CBD. I was so happy when I got hired to work in the dining room. I was fresh out of chef school as well as desperately looking for a chance to prove myself. When the cannabis cafe first opened, I saw the opportunity of a lifetime. I created the most amazing menu on our own with various tasty dishes featuring the marijuana flower. I use a variety of strange marijuana products to create our sweet as well as savory confections. I have distillate, whole dried flower, tinctures, as well as a wide variety of cannabis terpenes. I also keep strange cannabinoids on hand such as CBD, CBG, THC-A. These cannabinoids increase the effects of THC as well as adding to the dining experience. Last weekend, the boss called myself and others into the head office to provide myself and others some news. The cafe is going to be opening for brunches starting in July. Business is doing so well that every one of us are going to expand our hours. The boss is willing to bring in another chef to help with the work, even though he provided myself and others the choice to pick what shifts I want to work. The guy wants myself and others to continue running the dining room as well as would be stoked if I was willing to work 13 hours a day! I doubt our family would be happy with that schedule.