The shopping cart link was broken on the dispensary website

I was trying to order my marijuana supplies online, however the shopping cart link was broken on the local dispensary website.

I tried to use this online website to order marijuana supplies during the day.

The link to the shopping cart was broken. The dispensary was still closed, so I waited until I went to the office to see if the problem had been resolved. I tried again at dinner time & I had the very same troubles. I finally decided to call the store to locale our order. The budtender was quite friendly & nice. She told me that the online website was down all day & they didn’t guess when the problem could be fixed. She took our order over the phone. I purchased 1/2 oz of Blue Dream flowers & 2 grams of Blue Dream Live resin. Blue Dream is 1 of our preferred sativa strains. It really makes me feel so energized & productive. I also ordered a few weird types of cannabis concentrates that were indica strains. The indica strains are enjoyable for night time & they actually make me feel very tired. When I picked up our order from the dispensary, I was surprised to see a free pre-rolled joint in the bottom of the back. The budtender told me that the free pre-rolled joint was a gift from the dispensary. Since the website was down all day, the dispensary gave everyone a free pre-rolled marijuana cigarette with every purchase. I thought it was a nice way to say they were sorry. The locale hardly ever gives out anything for free, so it was an enjoyable surprise.
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