Learning how manage chronic pain with cannabis flower products

I smoked a ton of weed when I was in university.

  • My cannabis product consumption diminished once I got to grad university.

Still, enjoying cannabis flower products was area of how I let go of stress. So why I quit using cannabis products in the ensuing years is a puzzle. Then I got hit with a chronic pain condition. I visited so several physicians and took so several tests to understand what was happening. But nobody could explain it. They simply tried their best to help myself and others manage the pain. And that led to a near scary situation for me. The pain meds were becoming a straight up drug habit. I needed them less and less for pain than I did because our plan craved the chemicals. I for sure didn’t want to end up as a junkie with a chronic pain problem. With the help of a dear friend, I l acquired just how to get a medical marijuana card. From there, the folks at the legal cannabis shop have been instrumental in both saving our life and managing our chronic pain. I had to ween myself off of the pain meds and cannabis flower products were an essential area of that process. Now, I am managing the chronic pain better than I ever have. The medical marijuana helps manage the pain but it does more than that. Using the cannabis flower products helps myself and others do the things that actively help our condition. Like the exercises and stretching routines are made easier with the cannabis products. I’m just so thankful to have the access to legal cannabis. Without medical marijuana, I’d be in really rough shape.

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