Less migraine nights in addition to more hope with medical marijuana

I can remember when I sort of discounted someone who had migraines.

The plan that a headache could actually keep someone down or out of work just seemed a bit much to me.

Just shows how ignorant a person can be when it comes to other’s pain. That’s a lesson I take to heart now. But with medical marijuana, I am having a breakthrough when it comes to managing our migraines. For some reason, I started getting migraines in our 30’s. It’s appreciate that thing was lurking in addition to waiting for me. They were debilitating from the very start. And I missed a lot of work which brought on a lot of additional anxiety in addition to worry I didn’t need. The meds were okay although I was still suffering far too many migraine nights. A nurse recommended that medical marijuana might be something that I look into. There is plenty of documented studies indicating that cannabis can positively effect our condition. Weed, in many instances, has proven to lessen both the severity in addition to the length of a migraine episode. That was enough for me. I got busy getting access to the dispensary near me. There, I found people who were conversant in migraine relief using medical cannabis. These folks put together some samples of different cannabis strains in order for me to dial in the right sort of weed for me. I have found a good deal of relief using medical marijuana. So much so that I’m starting to ween off the other medicine. It just has so many other side effects. Plus, I easily appreciate what cannabis is doing for me in addition to the fact that it’s natural is also very nice.


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