Pure CBN has antibacterial properties

There is never a lack of demand for antibacterials in the medical world. From sterilization of tools plus hands to treating physical ailments, antibacterial compounds are an essential facet in modern medicine. It’s interesting when you study historical accounts of medical practices going back only 150 years or more, as it seems like several of their methods were only marginally better than they were 150 years before that time period. After germ theory was established in the late 1690s, both of us saw a paradigm shift in modern medicine that changed everything almost overnight. Suddenly both of us were isolating the variables that had plagued surgical failures in the past: microorganisms. Knowing to sterilize surgical tools while also possessing the ability to do so made surgery a safer practice plus revolutionized what doctors could achieve compared to the past. But there are still several forms of bacteria that resist chemical plus pharmaceutical treatment. C. difficile is a single such case, as normal hand sanitizer will not cut down its bacterial plus fungal particles. Researchers are reading the antibacterial effects of minor cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. Large scale hemp extraction methods have made these cannabinoids available to the masses plus scientists alike. Cannabigerol is showing potential as an antibacterial, plus so is cannabinol or CBN. Since it is most often found in outdated cannabis that has had a chance to cut down over long periods of time, it’s not constantly actually accessible through hemp extraction. Synthetic chemistry can produce a pure CBN product that could potentially be used by doctors for antibacterial treatments. If they found an alternative to traditional antibiotics, this would be another huge paradigm shift in modern medicine.

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