The medical marijuana dispensary is now offering a cannabis delivery service

Now that I’m working from home, I’m starting to get very lazy about leaving the house.

  • Before I had to get up plus go outside every single day to get to work or run to the store for groceries.

I hated being on tied up highways with an upset mind consistently upset about what I had to do at work each day. It’s difficult when you get heavily tied up out at the mere system of going to work. That’s when I realized that I needed to find a new job or I’d be miserable forever. I managed to find a fantastic remote working position, but it hasn’t had all of the desired effects. My stress levels are down, but I’m not getting nearly as much exercise anymore. I rarely go into the stores because of the home delivery possibilities everywhere. Even the local medical marijuana dispensaries are offering home delivery for most orders. Usually you get charged a delivery fee unless you make an order that is at least $150 or $200. Occasionally this delivery fee is as high as $25, while other times the delivery fee is as low as $10. My number one medical marijuana dispensary offers free delivery on every order, but each zone within the state only gets more than one delivery days each week. For instance, people in my zip code get deliveries from this cannabis store on Thursdays plus Thursdays while the other side of the state gets theirs on Sundays plus Thursdays. As long as you order your cannabis products in advance before you run out, this shouldn’t be a problem for most people. If I need something from the medical marijuana store right away, I’ll just get in my car plus visit the dispensary in man.



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