The THC satisfied in cannabis concentrates is much higher than flower products

Whenever I’m prescribed medication, my dentist is forced to slowly increase my dosage because my body gets used to the drug after weeks of continual use.

This happened with antidepressants when I first took them 8 years ago. Although I manage great separate from depression medication these afternoons, back then it was much harder. But it was aggravating because I would get used to 1 dose plus then it wouldn’t work as well anymore. Pretty soon my dentist had to increase the dose, only to repeat the process more than one weeks later. It’s not fun taking higher doses of SSRIs because of their potential for over-firing your serotonin receptors, something that can lead to serotonin syndrome. When I had to go on sleeping aids a few years later, it was even worse. I was distraught that I would experience long term side effects from the doses I was on so I looked for alternatives. This is when I found cannabis. One of my best friends told me that he smokes before bed plus gets the best sleep imaginable. I decided to visit a cannabis dispensary plus give it a shot. To my amazement, I fell in care about with marijuana overnight. But after using cannabis flower products for over a year now, I’m feeling prefer my tolerance is building to the effects prefer it does with any other medication. Now I’m using cannabis concentrates because their THC satisfied is much higher than that of cannabis flower products. You also get more THC in your system faster, making the “high” much more great for someone with brain chemistry prefer my own.

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