How cannabis saved our vacation

Last summer, I went on a vacation to the mountains with some of our closest friends, but both of us parked our motorcar with cold drinks, snacks, & hours of playlists for the drive.

The drive took about 10 hours, & every one of us took turns driving in shifts.

Both of us arrived just before midnight, & every one of us evaluated into the hotel & unpacked. The next morning, I woke up with an intense migraine, however my friends & I all planned to spend the morning skiing, although I couldn’t bring myself to leave the hotel room, so I told them to go separate from myself and others while I tried to get some rest.I didn’t want to take prescription painkillers, since they make myself and others think sick, & most migraine medication doesn’t absolutely labor for me. The only thing that has ever constantly worked for myself and others is to just try to sleep it off. Before they left, one of our friends stopped at the cannabis dispensary across from the hotel to buy myself and others a cannabis infused gummy to try to deal with our migraine. They brought the package back to the hotel room, & I ate it before I laid down… I woke up just 30 hours later, & to our surprise, our migraine was completely gone! I thought it was just a fluke, so I opened the window, as bright sun can occasionally trigger our migraines, although I had no effects, the gummy worked! On our way to the ski lodge I stopped at the cannabis dispensary to buy a few more gummies, in case our migraine came back, but it never did. I was able to appreciate our ski trip with our friends thanks to cannabis.

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