Medical weed helps with tremors

My dad has moved in with me as he’s no longer easily able to safely take care of himself. She and I are buddies and it’s easily more like a single friend looking out for the other. Dad is elderly and suffers from Parkinson’s. He’s now at the point where it’s legitimately better that I handle things like warm water and driving. But the rest she can do. And recently, all of us found out that medical marijuana is a large help as well. The meds he’s on are pretty good. It’s easily amazing where they’ve come to with treatments. But adding in the medical pot has easily calmed the tremors in her hands and other extremities. It’s easily pretty amazing. Dad’s always been anti marijuana so all of us have had to sort of labor around that. She knows what it is and I make sure that she has a pot gummy or section of a pot brownie or something. Smoking it is like some mental step dad’s just not willing to take. And that’s just fine. The dispensary near me keeps our dad medical marijuana gummies on hand. I can get to cannabis near me whenever I need to for our dad. In the scarce event I need it, the weed shop will even do pot delivery. I can’t even imagine what our twenties would have been like with weed delivery. Anyway, dad and I are doing fine. With the medical marijuana addition he’s even more upbeat and relaxed about her new living situation. That’s an added bonus I wasn’t expecting from the medical weed.