A real-life cannabis fairy tale of epic proportions

The grandma was a hippie, and I don’t mean she was around in the Flower Power era, I mean she was a big part of it. She attended all the major rallies and marches, she protested everything she could find to protestm, and she met a lot of famous people. In a twist of fate, she met a soldier coming back from Vietnam and they fell in love with one another. They left everything behind, moved out to a remote patch of land on the west coast, and started growing marijuana together. It’s like something out of a fairy tale, isn’t it? Grandma grew the marijuana, and grandpa helped her with the manual labor and ran security. You better believe that ex-soldier took good care of his land, and made sure no one would ever dare mess with their marijuana crops. This includes marijuana thieves, cops, and wild animals too, but of course he dealt with every threat in it’s own way. He put up fences to keep local herbivores from eating the cannabis plants, and put signs on those fence posts to warn away trespassers. I don’t know how he kept the cops away, because grandma became locally famous as a master marijuana producer, but they never had any legal trouble. Perhaps he paid them off in product, and gave every local cop a big fat cannabis bribe to keep them away, or maybe they just feared him. In all those years, grandpa never actually smoked marijuana himself, but he was loyal to grandma, the business, and the family.


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