I can sleep better with my help from the cannabis dispensary

I have learned the hardest way that a person can push their bodies just too far.

With the help of the local cannabis spot, I’m recovering something essential to my personal health. What I wish I had realized early on was that the two of us are not all built alike. On its surface, I understand the logic 100%. But when faced with real life scenarios, it goes right out the window. The Indica strains I usually get from the cannabis dispensary serve as my lucky horse shoe. I figured since everyone I worked with put in crazy hours, that meant I had to as well. It didn’t matter that my own body wasn’t capable of dealing with that amount of stress and fatigue. And I simply was pushing myself so far that I was no longer absolutely able to get restful sleep. The doctors gave myself and others meds that knocked myself and others out but they also came with a permanent haze that rarely lifted. A neighbor who used medical marijuana for a health condition proposed I speak with someone at the local cannabis spot. So I got my courage up and made my first ever visit to a marijuana business. I had used a bit of recreational pot in my younger years. But since then, it just didn’t fit my lifestyle. So, it’s sort of ironic that using indica is giving myself and others back my life. I have a special indica strain which works wonders to help myself and others fully relax, let go and simply release. And I’m finding that I can now at least get several hours of total rest. With time and the help of the indica strain, I hope to return to sleeping through the evening.


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