Marijuana edibles are a game changer for people who constantly travel

Often cannabis only lasts for two hours at most when I smoke or vaporize the flower buds

I’ve been traveling a lot with my wife in the past few months because her parents are really ill. Since I work from home anyway, I can still do my job while we’re in hotel rooms and airports. Still, it hasn’t been easy for me to adjust. I feel like I’m jet lagged twice a week and I know it’s affecting my work performance. Aside from that, I’m doing my best to console my wife during this difficult process. It’s temporary, but it’s difficult nonetheless. When I need help relieving intense stress, I usually consume marijuana flower products. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to travel with marijuana flower buds; but even if I was going to risk traveling with some form of cannabis, I wouldn’t go with traditional cannabis because of its pungent aroma. This is what pushed me to finally try cannabis edibles from our local marijuana dispensary. Friends told me about their success going on airplanes with cannabis edibles in their luggage, and no one I know has ever been busted. And once you get to a hotel, you can use cannabis without creating any odors that someone would otherwise notice. After trying them, I was immediately hooked. I like how marijuana edibles come on slowly but stay strong for hours at a time. Often cannabis only lasts for two hours at most when I smoke or vaporize the flower buds. I don’t know how I would manage so well if I didn’t have marijuana edibles to take with me everywhere I go. They’re not cheap, but I’m willing to eat the expense for the time being, so to speak.


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