MS is less scary thanks to medical marijuana

Feeling as weird as I felt, I was still stunned when I learned that I had MS.

It was simply life altering.

There was before that moment and then everything since then. However, I am finding that medical marijuana is making a big difference in just how I approach the rest of my life. Initially, even though the doctor was very upbeat about my prognosis, I was so scared. I’ve never had anything that couldn’t be cure before and that was a terrifying experience. Thankfully, I was given some great advice to get access to cannabis near me and lean on those who have lived with MS. Had I not done both of those things, I’m not sure that I would have been able to get where I am now. The medical marijuana does a tremendous job for me physically. And I really like that it’s a natural plant as well. There is something refreshing and grounding about using something directly from the earth. And marijuana isn’t going to cure me. I know that. But marijuana and the weed shop have shown me that I can adjust my life to deal with MS. I’m still in charge of this life and though MS may be a part of my life going forward, it won’t be the focus of my life. Using weed really helps my muscles to relax so I can stretch my muscles, ligaments and tendons. This is vitally important in treating my condition. But medical pot also helps me align my perspective with a new reality that with have it’s own challenges and rewards.

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