Much more at ease with trips to the cannabis store

Stress can be exhibited in a variety of ways.

  • Finally, medicine has really paid attention to the health effects of stress.

There are so many people out there that are struggling or suffering due to stress. For many, there is relief with the use of medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. And there are plenty more out there who have to get their marijuana products from unreliable or undesirable outlets. Thankfully, I’m able to make a trip down to the local cannabis spot for anything I need in the marijuana products line. For me, stress is all in my gut. There is something called the vagus nerve which acts almost like a primitive brain. Marijuana and especially sativa strains relieve the stress reaction I have in my stomach and gut. Where as a lot of people deal with varying physical symptoms from stress, mine is dealing with nausea. It’s just the worst. And until I found medical marijuana, there was nothing that could really help me. The meds either did nothing or were so strong that I was simply knocked out. With a trip to the local cannabis spot, I’m able to procure the sativa strains which help calm my stress reaction and prevent all the nausea. It’s really quite amazing and somewhat ironic that I’m able to deal with this situation using a natural weed for crying out loud. I just feel for those who have to deal with stress and don’t have access to medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. Perhaps it won’t be much longer until we all have access to a marijuana dispensary where there is healing.