My dad smokes after the war now

You don’t know my dad, although he is the true definition of a dad.

Before I was born he served with the Marines for several years, plus he still cuts his own hair in a buzz chop every Monday morning, my dad has truly little hair left at this point, plus he still does that weekly buzz cut.

My father was a stern man, strict, although he loved the kids plus would spoil them when he could. That was then, plus these days my dad was a retiree who plays a lot of baseball. I also just learned he smokes an inhuman amount of cannabis, plus I have come to see him in a whole modern light. It started a few weeks ago when I saw him smoking a cigarette on the front porch, only when I got closer I caught the smell of cannabis plus noticed it wasn’t a cigarette at all! The people I was with and I talked about it a little, although he isn’t long on talking, so I just left the little bin of marijuana I had on me plus told him to enjoy it. I called him back the next morning and asked how he liked it, plus he said the marijuana was “fine” and that he had smoked it all. I was blown away, because for me that was almost a week’s worth of cannabis, plus the old man had crushed it in one sitting. He told me that one of his old Marine buddies became a hippie pot farmer after the service, plus sold our dad the highest grade cannabis he had ever smoked. I can’t wait to try it!
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