No recreational weed store are close to me

There are no recreational weed stores in my area and that really upsets me. I had to move because my girlfriend got a promotion at work. She deserved the raise. She works incredibly hard as a hospital administrator. She earns a great living and both of us have benefits and insurance. I work from home, but I don’t have to earn much money. We use my salary for fun and exciting events like concerts, bars, and restaurants. When she got promoted, we had to move out of town. The new job was head of a brand new hospital. It was literally my girlfriend’s dream job, so she couldn’t say no. I wasn’t thrilled with the move, because I had to leave behind my friend and my family. I grew up in the area and everyone I knew lived there. Even worse, the new house is located in an area where I cannot have recreational marijuan delivered to my front door. I had my choice of dispensaries in the old neighborhood. All of them offered free delivery because we were in the middle of the city. Now I have to drive 45 minute to get to the nearest recreational cannabis shop. They don’t; deliver and their prices are really high. My girlfriend told me not to worry about the higher prices because she makes more money. I’m the most upset about giving up delivery. I hate getting in the car to drive anywhere. Leaving the house seems like a big deal when you work from home. Now I have an automatic chore every week.

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