The government has no moral authority on marijuana

There used to be cocaine in Coca Cola, true story.

  • Another true story is that tomatoes used to be illegal, as they were considered poisonous.

Prohibition made alcohol illegal for a few years, then they struck it down and let people drink legally again. The War on Drugs has been raging for my entire life, and has done no good, only filling up the jails with innocent people. My point is that the people in charge rarely know what is actually good for us. The fact that cannabis is becoming legal for medicinal use, and even for recreational use in some parts, is solely an economic decision. The government realized that the War on Drugs was costing them money, so they legalized cannabis just to tax it and make money. I wish there was a moral component to cannabis legalization, but there really isn’t, because the government has no morals, it exists to make money from the citizens. For now I am not complaining, because the wealth of cannabis dispensaries ensures healthy competition and low prices. This is a golden age for cannabis users, but in the back of my mind I know the government will find a way to mess it up. Because of legalized cannabis, fewer low income men are being sent to jail. This is amazing, but since the government makes money off people being in jail (it sounds crazy, but it’s true) they will need to find a replacement for cannabis, and make something else illegal. I hope they make Crocs illegal, I could easily live with that law.


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