We called it the Cannabis Olympic Games

During the lockdown, I sort of became a lump on the couch and did nothing but watch TV for a few weeks.

Not even good TV, nothing of substance, just the off brand ESPN shows that don’t make sense.

Like professional poker, or guys playing Fortnite for money, and other ridiculous things that aren’t sports but get treated like sports. This eventually led to me having a brilliant idea of my own, one that I would film for Youtube and see if it could pick up some steam. My roommates and I competed in the first ever Cannabis Olympic Games, seven events to find out who was the gold medal pot smoker among us. We all contributed to the initial purchase from the cannabis dispensary, because this required a boat load of weed and other products. We also put up cash as a wager, and whoever won the Cannabis Olympic Games would walk away with two hundred dollar cash, and bragging rights. We started with lower-grade cannabis and bong rips, out of the huge glass bong we call Killer Mike. We just kept passing the bong around, smashing marijuana until we tapped out one by one and ended up with a Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist. After we recovered from that, a few hours later, we got into the better stuff, the OG Kush, and did “blunt races” each of us with our own blunt to see who could smoke it the fastest. I don’t want to spoil the winner of the Cannabis Olympic Games, so head on over the Youtube to see the results!
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