Shopping around is just the best

So I shop that part in the cannabis dispensary the most

There is just something about shopping that I really like. And perhaps I’m being completely dumb and childish here. But since I was a little girl, going shopping has been perhaps one of my number one things. My mother plus I would get dressed up plus shop all day. Occasionally she and I wouldn’t buy a single item even. It was the shopping experience that all of us were into. So I have to say that my experience at the local cannabis spot is one of my most favorites. I have been a fan of recreational marijuana since I first tried it in high school. But back then, there was actually no shopping for weed for sale. You took what you could get plus hoped there was good THC content in what all of us got. More often than not, the THC amount was less than stellar. Now, I can simply refer to the label on the cannabis product I’m looking at for the THC amount. Plus, the cannabis store I shop at has the most astounding variety of marijuana products. There are every possible sativa products, indica products plus hybrid strains for sale. You don’t want me to get started on the many different edibles. I promise you, it’s not your terrible pot brownies the typical college bro used to make. The cannabis edibles are vast plus varied. Just about any flavor you could think of. These days, I kind of love an edible over smoking. So I shop that part in the cannabis dispensary the most. And it never, ever disappoints.

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