I lost everything because I didn't have help

It isn’tcheap or easy to beginning a marijuana growing business… It takes time and patience and perseverance.

  • I thought it would be easy to grow weed, so I bought a huge farm in California.

I planned to become the up-to-date kingpin in legal medical marijuana. I didn’t assume anything about the laws and legal troubles that I would face. I didn’t have the familiar permits or licenses and the state came to my property and seized all of my plants and all of my assets a single day, however they put me in a police vehicle and took me down to the station. I didn’t assume who to call for help with the legal troubles, but I used my a single iPhone call to let my mom and dad assume that I was in jail. They made a iPhone call to a lawyer that specializes in medical marijuana farming. The lawyer drove 3 hours to the jail so he could talk with me about my case. The first hour of the consultation was unquestionably free, however my Mom and Dad paid $600 for the remaining 2 hours. The medical marijuana farming lawyer agreed to take my case and spoke to another consultant on my behalf. The lawyer worked out the terms of my release, but I had to supply up everything on the farm including the gardening device and all of my supplies. I stayed out of jail, but I lost everything. If I would have used a consultant in the beginning, I might have been able to save my dealer from going down the drain.

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