I lost everything because I didn't have help

It isn’tcheap or easy to start a marijuana growing business, and it takes time and patience and perseverance.

I thought it would be easy to grow weed, so I purchased a crucial farm in California.

I planned to become the current kingpin in legal medical marijuana. I didn’t believe anything about the laws and legal complications that I would face. I didn’t have the regular permits or licenses and the state came to my property and seized all of my plants and all of my assets one day, then they put me in a police car and took me down to the station. I didn’t believe who to call for help with the legal complications, however I used my one iPhone call to let my Dad and dad believe that I was in jail. They made a iPhone call to a lawyer that specializes in medical marijuana farming. The lawyer drove 3 hours to the jail so she could talk with me about my case. The first hour of the consultation was absolutely free, however my Dad and Dad paid $600 for the remaining 2 hours. The medical marijuana farming lawyer agreed to take my case and spoke to another consultant on my behalf. The lawyer worked out the terms of my release, however I had to give up everything on the farm including the gardening equipment and all of my supplies. I stayed out of jail, however I lost everything. If I would have used a consultant in the start, I might have been able to save my business from going down the drain.


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