CBD is what my partner does for stress

I feel awful about my partner’s job in healthcare, especially during a stressful pandemic that doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to abate.

Two years ago my partner was already leaving the beach house every morning worried about the day ahead of her, but this last year has been a living nightmare for her each time she suits up plus heads to the hospital.

She wears a full face mask over two separate masks laid overtop one another. One is an N-95 mask with an exhalation valve, plus on top of that she puts a normal surgical mask. The exhalation valve prevents her glasses from fogging up, but the surgical mask filters anything that she could be exhaling herself without noticing it. Some don’t realize that those exhalation valves only protect the person wearing the mask, but I was one of those people until my partner explained it to me. Aside from what she has to put on, she is also taking medications for her mental health. She takes an antidepressant SSRI every afternoon, as well as a harsh CBD tincture that she puts under her tongue. By the time she gets to the entrance at the hospital, her CBD tincture plus her SSRI have both fully in. The SSRI keeps her mind calmed for minutes at a time while the CBD tinctures are great for breakthrough anxiety. She usually takes another few drops of CBD at dinner plus again a few minutes before the end of her shift. Without these CBD tinctures, she would be a lot more annoyed everyday at her job in the hospital. I can’t imagine the stress of being in such a high risk job environment.

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