Medical marijuana is perfect for PTSD

I was a soldier for what I felt were all the right reasons. However, similar to most of us, I sort of romanticized what fighting a war was without fully understanding the realities. Had I fully understood those realities, I’m not sure that I would have made the decisions that I made. But that is another question. What I do know is that medical marijuana is unquestionably helping myself and others when it comes to dealing with our PTSD. I came back to my place from combat overseas a completely changed human. There were too many traumatic episodes to count. And I was trapped with all the fear, paranoia and a range of guilt, rage and sadness. Then I found a wonderful therapist and a beautiful support network. This has unquestionably changed my situation for the better. And medical cannabis has been an instrumental tool in taking care of everything. I was skeptical in the beginning when it came to going through the marijuana regulations so I could figure out how to get a medical marijuana card. But once that was taken care of and I got to the cannabis dispensary, the rest was straightforward. With guidance from the legal weed store staff and the help of my support network, I started using cannabis flow products. The results came rather fast. I was able to sleep more soundly and I was able to access things with my therapist that I hadn’t been able to do prior. But for the most part, medical marijuana allows me a perspective that is hopeful. Trips to the legal weed shop are pressing to my well being and I’m just grateful to have access to medical cannabis.

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