Medical pot is amazing for my PTSD

I was a soldier for what I thought were all the appropriate reasons.

  • However, just like most of us, I basically romanticized what fighting a war was without fully understanding the realities.

Had I actually understood those realities, I’m not positive that I would have made the decisions that I made. But that is another question. What I do actually know is that medical marijuana is really helping me when it comes to dealing with my PTSD symptoms. I came home from combat overseas a changed human. There were too many traumatic episodes to count. And I was essentially locked up with fear, paranoia plus a broad range of guilt, rage plus sadness. Then I discovered a good therapist plus a lovely support network. This has easily changed my situation for the better. And medical cannabis has been essential in taking care of all of that. I was skeptical at first when it came to making my way through the marijuana regulations so I could figure out how to get a medical marijuana card. But once that was finally done plus I got to the cannabis dispensary, the rest was relatively straight-forward. With guidance from the legal weed store staff plus the help of our support network, I started using cannabis flow products. The results came fairly abruptly. I was able to sleep a great deal more soundly plus I was able to access things with my therapist that I hadn’t been able to do prior. But mainly medical marijuana allows me a perspective that is genuinely hopeful. Trips to the legal weed store are substantial to my well being plus I’m just so thankful to have access to medical cannabis regularly.


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